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Julia Bodysuit is made from bamboo fibre jersey. Bamboo fibre materials are super soft and breathable as well as they are a sustainable choice. If your skin is sensitive, this material is a perfect match for you.

This bodysuit was designed with active women in mind. My friend is a photographer, and she has to move a lot at her work. That is why we decided to design this stunning bodysuit together for women like her. It is practical as you can undo the bottom part, most importantly it is comfortable, and it sucks you in the correct places, yet, still gives you this feminine look.

Furthermore, this is the perfect bodysuit for new mums who struggle to find tops that make breastfeeding easy. It has a low plunge neck that gives easy access.

This top is not only comfortable and timeless but also undeniably practical for every woman.

Julia Bodysuit

  • Bamboo fiber jersey

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